DaDaScribe is built on a complex AI-based system that performs the following tasks in an automated way:

  1. Cleaning the source from background noise or music, leaving just the voice track.
  2. Transcribing speech to text with a 99.9% accuracy from 99 languages.
  3. Dividing different voices if the source includes multiple speakers.
  4. Translating the source to over 120 languages (maximum five destination languages per session).
  5. Packaging the results in convenient text (.txt) and subtitle (.srt) files
Here are the pros and cons of using this automated system:

  • 99.9% accurate.
  • Fast results. 1 minute of audio takes between 30 to 60 seconds to process.
  • Flexible: translate from any language to multiple languages.
  • Lowest price on the web: just $0.016 per minute with a Pro plan.

  • It is not perfect. 99.9% accuracy means that something may be transcribed wrong 0.1% of the time. Despite this kind of accuracy being statistically better than a transcription performed by a human being, we recommend checking your copy before publishing or putting it into production environments.
DaDaScribe, LLC is a startup company based in California, USA, currently managed by Virtual Sheet Music, Inc. Please send all inquiries to Virtual Sheet Music, 29911 Niguel Road, #6992, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 - USA

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